Multee might be the newest player on the market, we are founded in recent but the youngest player is not so young again; we are based on years and years of experience. Our goal is clear; we want to be different or “Anders” in German. We are Anders. We provide your company with an honest, straight forward and clear answer, when you are looking for a partner to optimize your customers experience on your e-commerce or web solution.

We provide a proper answer on your task together with a transparent price structure, we tell you if we can help you. If not we will always try to point you to colleagues/companies in the market, that we believe might sit on the knowledge your company is looking for.

In a world where we are used to being able to access exactly what we are looking for at the click of a button, it´s crucial to ensure that customers are able to easily find what they need. But for e-stores with hundreds, or even thousands, of items, search optimisation can be difficult. At Multee we understand customer journeys. And with technical expertise, we can help reduce bounce rates and increase conversions by ensuring fast and accurate search results.

Our strong portfolio of products was developed on the back of extensive experience within the fields of localisation and functional testing. In addition to search optimisation, we also provide native testing of websites and interfaces in a range of languages.

Let us talk about your project, maybe we can help you, if not we will let you know, in honesty because we like to think that even in the 21. century good old acumen counts.